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Consciente que nous sommes tous uniques je propose un coaching personnalisé et adapté aux valeurs de chacun à l’aide de techniques et outils rapides à la qualité Suisse.

Tarot card reading can open the doors to your future, if you let them

The tarot card reading can be used for your personal development while using a psychological, therapeutic and karmic approach.
If you are of a free spirit and would like to experience the reading of the tarot cards that can show you the insights to your life and take you on a journey through these next 12 months, just call me.
“Le Messenger de l’âme” is a tarot reading that was created by Nina Montangero. It is a powerful practice that can answer your questions while showing your weak points that need strengthening and your strong points that need enhancing.

Price : 130 CHF / hour

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Do you believe in the universal law?

Learn to breathe, meditate, visualize, and be forgiving with this ancestral Maori Ho’oponopno method.
This service has been designed for those with a busy schedule, for those who travel often and have difficulty in finding time to concentrate on them.
It is tailor made just for you! You can get your coaching sessions through Skype or directly at your office. Take time for yourself and slow down so you can live a better quality of life and succeed on every level, whether it is professional or personal, physical or mental…

Price : 130 CHF / hour

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