Coaching Services
Coaching can be used to help you achieve a variety of goals. As clients vary in terms of their own progress and time constraints, sessions and packages are tailored depending on your specific needs.

Our Swiss Quality Life Coaching experts offer, life coaching, career coaching,  family coaching, love coaching and spiritual coaching. Breakthrough thinking, structural changes in behavioural patterns, focus on successfully reaching goals and creating emotional balance and self-confidence in relevant areas of your life.


FREE, pre-requisite 20 MINUTE initial session. Please contact us 

Personal Sessions

As we are all unique in this world, I propose a personalized coaching session adapted to your own values using the famous Swiss Label Quality tools.

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Spiritual Sessions

 A different approach to learn, listen your inner space. Using meditation, hypnosis or tarot-reading cards.

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Services Gold

As a star and famous, your days are crazy. You are busy 24/7 , stressed, tired, difficulties to sleep, addiction… Let us give you the right tools, serious Swiss Quality Label.

Would you take some times for YOU ? Improve your daily and balance life-time ? Smooth your days with a special Business Men/Women treatment adapted to  your rythm.

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Vick m’a vraiment apporté beaucoup de soutien lorsque je commençais à me lasser de ma vie routinière. J’ai maintenant ma vie et mon avenir entre mes mains et je sais ou je vais.
Laurence D.