Of Swiss nationality and having travelled most of my life, I have always been interested in diverse cultures and interpersonal relationships. At the age of 22, I went backpacking around the world, which was when I first discovered my taste for ancestral techniques and how to use them. Having successfully studied Emotional Freedom Techniques “EFT”, hypnosis and autohypnosis, I have since chosen my path in “Coaching Personal Performance in Life”.

For more than 15 years I committed myself to the Human Resources department in my professional life, which was where I developed an enthusiastic passion for interpersonal relations and helping oneself. I began passing on these different ways of seeing life to those around me in a positive light.

I went through a rough patch a few years back and found myself alone to confront the decisions I had taken and were taken for me. It wasn’t easy, but thanks to my positive energy and the different methods I had learned, I finally found myself. Today I am happy and proud for coming out of my difficult situation whole and sane!

Being of a compassionate nature, I quickly realized that applying my coaching techniques to those in needs would be a quick and genuine way to guide and encourage people to find their path to happiness.

Having learned to read the tarot cards and being blessed with a strong intuition, I continually work on my spiritual calling so I can better myself in order to help others. My goal is to open the way to a more confident and happy life and it would be a privi-am- vick capt. life coach switzerlandilege to be the one responsible for this change of energy in you!


My strengths as a coach

My experience of being a daughter, woman, divorcée, mother, friend and colleague has allowed me to see the difficulties that are present in each one of us, but with the right tools and direction these “difficulties” can be reconstructed into clear and confident attitudes towards the hardships of life.

I am calm, non-judgmental, patient and honest. This lets me listen to you clearly and attentively so I can be an effective, reflective sounding board for you.


Why hire vick-capt-life coach genevame?

Besides being a skilled coach, you will hire me if you want to understand what your true potential is and how you can achieve it – and not just in your career, but in all areas of life that are important to you. My goal is to support you in the initial stages of the process and to give you the tools to do it on your own once you’re on track. My primary interest is that you get the best possible value for your time – in life, not just in your coaching sessions.

As your personal coach I will be committed to your success and offer you a safe space to create, reflect, dream and achieve what you want in life.

I look forward to making your acquaintance and to helping you find the success you are looking for in your new life! It’s time to make a change !


For more information, or to set up a preliminary strategy session, please contact me.